Every morning, in the Marche, a group of keen young workers wake up.

They are confident to do their best to make the most delicious artisanal egg pasta in the world!
5 o’clock in the morning: everything is set to start the day; lights are on, machinery are ready to operate, the work-experience at Filotea is ready to begin.

All the guys are ready at their workstation: Rossano is the first one, he carefully arranges all ingredients to get start such magical experience.
The dough is like a long and thick pastry that gradually tapers, going to  Valentina and Eleonora’ hands.
These young girls every day carefully and lovely bend and stretch the dough in a such way that you will not find anywhere else.
In the next production step Giampiero and Mattia hands are involved.
They are in charge of the drying process, during which Giampiero e Mattia take care of the dough, paying a lot of their attention to any detail.

Finally, we have Matteo,  who manages all the pasta production process with passion and competence, moving quickly among any workstation helping his colleagues.

Our Pasta team is beautiful, efficient and reliable. Targets and results are shared with everyone. Like in any team, you lose and you win together.
The pasta is now ready to be packed and shipped directly to your house.