Finally, a real novelty for the egg pasta market: Filotea Tagliatelline made with Turkey Eggs.
Available now in a Limited Edition on our Filotea Shop and in the best stores.
This is the first dry egg pasta made with turkey eggs, and it could only be Filotea the first producer to offer it!

Turkey Eggs


Since our foundation, we have always worked with passion to bring the authentic taste of tradition to tables and kitchens around the world.
The Marche’s tradition of homemade pasta is made of secrets, patience and technique, but also of wisdom in the choice of raw materials. The grandmothers from the Marche region, real experts in the field, used turkey eggs in order to make a perfect dough. In this way, they obtained a dough, which was unbeatable for goodness and consistency: tastier and more nutritious than the one made with chicken eggs.


Not so long ago, we were lucky enough to get to know a very special reality: the Antonio Guerra farm. To date, it is the only company still active in Italy that raises the Marchigiano or local turkey on the ground, guaranteeing the animals full well-being. The Marchigiano turkey is a native species, with very similar characteristics to the American turkey. In addition to having a prized meat, this particular breed makes perfect eggs for pasta.
A chat with Antonio was enough to understand that together we would have created a truly unique and special product: you just have to try it! (Click Below)
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Filotea is synonymous with quality, prestige, originality;  this is what our work, our actions and our choices convey to those who choose to buy a pack of our pasta. Filotea is not simply a pasta or a sauce, Filotea is a dream: to bring the best pasta, as good as grandma’s one, to tables and kitchens around the world.