Every village in the Marche regione has its own history and traditions, its own dialect and its ways of speaking. It is a characteristic common to all the regions of Italy, for this reason every place in our beautiful country should be visited, without taking anything for granted. Today we take you to the province of Ascoli Piceno: Massignano.

civic tower massignano

With its 1684 inhabitants, Massignano is a small town just a few steps from the sea, situated on a hill overlooking the beautiful beaches of Piceno. The origins of the town are uncertain. One hypothesis argues that it is pre-Roman and sees Picenes as founders, another hypothesis argues that it is a suburb of the ancient and more extensive Roman city of Cupra Marittima. Whatever its origin, one thing is certain: the history of massignano over time has been characterized by a flourishing artisanal production of terracotta, so much to be defined as the “paese de li cuccià” or, the town of potters.

What to visit?

Among the stages of your trip to Massignano you can not miss the visit of the characteristic Museum of terracotta. It is a museum of great interest for lovers of the sector and for those who want to get in touch with the history of the country. You will find on display unique products, generated by the craftsmanship, handed down through time from generation to generation for over a millennium. The museum is structured in two sections: that of the “popular terracotta” and that of the “whistles and Pipe”.

Another stop of the visit is the Church of San Giacomo Maggiore, dating back to 1700. Inside there is the Bell of 1235 which, according to tradition, rang mysteriously the night of the translation of the Holy House without anyone operating it. Of sure interest also the table of the Virgin adoring the Child of Vittore crivelli. close to the pictorial style of the most important brother Carlo and other fine paintings of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, including “Adoration of the shepherds” made by Ricci.

Near the same church you can visit the Parish Museum dedicated to the mass production of crib figures with popular terracotta. These figures are not made through the use of moulds, so each represents is a really unique piece.

In the main square stands the Civic Tower, what remains of an ancient convent, built in neoclassical style. Inside there is a fresco, the “Madonna e Santi”, dated around 1400 and attributed to the Marche School.

Walking through the alleys to discover massignano is pleasant to get lost in the search of the many stately palaces scattered within the walls.

Among the events that are organized every year in Massignano there are the Festival of the Terracotta and the “Sagra della Frittella”, the oldest in the province of Ascoli Piceno. The event is held exactly on August 14 of each year. The “Frittelle” are a really tasty product, soft and delicate flavor of lemon and cinnamon: they deserve to be tasted!

Sport or Relax?

Massignano, although small, boasts a variety of facilities where you can do physical activities and cultivate your passions: mountain biking, hiking, trekking, horseback riding, multi-adventure, speleology, climbing, motocross and golf. If the sport is not your thing, you will not be disappointed, because Massignano also boasts numerous eno-gastronomic routes in which to discover the best wines and taste the typical products of the territory.

Suggestive, whether you want to take a walk on the shore or you love fishing, is the Lake of Montecatino: a little gem to discover, just 8 kilometers from massignano, ideal for relaxing, make a nice picnic and enjoy the beautiful landscape Piceno.

Lake Massignano

A place to stay and eat?

Massignano also has a healthy and Tasty culinary history and if you have the desire to eat in a place that respects the territory and its traditions, we recommend for sure the Sorgente Country House.

“The Sorgente”, overlooking a valley with sea view. The name derives from an ancient water spring that flows right inside the house into a cave, now used as a cellar. The structure is surrounded by greenery and has a double beautiful view: from one side you can admire the sea and from the other side the Gran Sasso and the nearby Apennines. A quiet, romantic and hospitable atmosphere that is just a few kilometers from the sea.


La sorgente Massignano

The farmhouse has rooms equipped with every comfort where you can stay and enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding environment and is located in an area known for its waters and thermal establishments. The Stabilimento Idropinico Palmense (Palmense Hydropinic Plant), located in the beautiful Torre di Palme, is less than 20 km away. We recommend a visit in case you choose to stay for several days.
The restaurant is the ideal place for families, congresses and business stays and ideal for relaxing and regenerating from the stress of everyday life.

Who chooses to stop in this beautiful structure will be delighted by the wonderful breakfasts and bewitched by the specialties prepared by chef Martina, such as the famous stuffed olives from Ascoli, the homemade creams and the first dishes of tradition, including those made with our egg pasta, such as Tagliatelle with white truffle (photo).

La sorgente Massignano

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