Il nuovo Pasta Experience Store di Filotea

Vi avevamo avvertito prima delle ferie estive: “da Settembre gireremo il mondo passando da una fiera all’altra”. Ebbene, in un solo fine settimana fra Cooking for Art di Roma e Milano Golosa ne abbiamo già archiviate due!

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Filotea raccontata dai bambini

Nell'ultimo mese abbiamo ospitato le classi delle scuole elementari di Ancona per la visita del nostro stabilimento produttivo. È stata un'esperienza emozionante e gratificante. Passare un paio d'ore in compagnia di bambini di età compresa fra gli 8 ed i 10 anni ti permette di vedere le cose dal loro punto di vista. Domande e curiosità sono, infatti, quasi sempre rivolte ad aspetti distanti da quelli che quotidianamente affrontiamo nel nostro lavoro. Certo, non è facile riuscire a catturarne l'attenzione, ma leggendo i loro temi sembra proprio che qualcosa nella loro fantasia sia scattato.

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Filotea, a Christian company.

We live in a reality where we owe respect to everyone, from Muslims to gays, from the most various ethnic minorities to all kinds of associations. And it is correct and right. But when we declare ourselves Christians, something strange often happens, as if it were the only "state" that does not deserve respect. Many, very many every day do not advise us to say it. Because?

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The spirit of Filotea

So, what does it mean to believe in Filotea? A jump in the next past is necessary. When Francesco and I created Filotea, our goal was to make the best pasta in the world and sell it all over the globe. The idea of ​​bringing on the tables of German, American, even Australian, an authentic product, genuine, healthy and good as that just made by her grandmother, we were thrilled.

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The entrepreneur, the tricolor enterprise and the make things happen

At the university of economics, at least during my years of attendance, the first lessons lingered on the definition of entrepreneur for a long time. Frankly I do not remember the technical definition. However, in these years, I have learned that effective, real, substantial. Entrepreneur is the one who does things. He is the one who has the spirit of initiative, the desire to create something that was not there before. What he thinks he can do well and, as the Americans say, "make things happen" makes things happen.

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Can you believe in Filotea?

The experience lived in Filotea unites us to many other fellow entrepreneurs: daily events, small and big joys, problems that nobody ever talks about. Certainly they do not do television and newspapers, mass media that tell virtual stories, very distant from the concrete reality of the day after day. This is why we will tell you about our adventure as entrepreneurs, because we think it's worth doing.

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