2019: evaluation time.

2019 Filotea

Every year brings beautiful things and others less.

Before the dinner on December 31st we weigh in an immaginary balance all what happened in the past 12 months, with the hope that the “plate” of positive things will be more generous.

Then we move on thinking about the good intentions for the coming year: praying for the peace in the world, organizing your time better, to visit more your relatives, starting a diet, etc … (by the way: in the case you would like to start a diet, remember that you can always eat a plate of Filotea pasta, doctors also support it).

Here is our 2019 in a nutshell: it has been a more than positive year and full of changes, but we’ll let you decide.


Our 2019 in a nutshell

With great humility in March we decided to compete with one of the most prestigious certifications in the world for the food sector, the BRC – IFS, obtaining the highest marks.

What does it mean? That those who choose Filotea are trusting a company that is a guarantee in terms of food hygiene and safety.

After the useful but negative experience we experienced a couple of years ago with our Pasta Experience Store in Turin, we decided to bet again on our original format. Thus, thanks also to Stefano, a local entrepreneur, in October he inaugurated the Pasta Experience Store in Jesi. The dialectal accent changes, but the quality of the eno-gastronomic products that you can buy in it or enjoy at the table, is the same that you find in Ancona and inside each of our single packs of pasta.

2019 Filotea

The boost to improvement and to excellence are the basis of another novelty of our 2019. After two years of pre-sales at selected stores, in September we successfully launched the new package, an exclusive, resistant and with the most beautiful case design ever.

2019 Filotea

All this while each of us continued to carry out our work with passion, bringing Filotea into new shops and restaurants. From the neighbors of the Marche to the most famous and renowned showcases in the world. Today we are proudly present in the Selfridges Food Hall in London, on the shelves of La Grande Epicerie De Paris, along the aisles of the Liverpool Stores in Mexico and also in the Kaubamaja department store in Tallin.

2019 Filotea

Filotea, fatti di un’altra pasta

This was certainly not easy. But there are at least a couple of things that guide us in our work. The first is that at Filotea we are Fatti di un’altra pasta (original in every possible way and different from the others). The second is that we will not stop until our Marche tradition has arrived on tables all over the world.

2019 in a nutshellFilotea cappello natale