Sicily is the largest and the most evocative Italian island. A wonderful Region that with its unique colors, flavors and scents makes anyone who visit fall in love.

Mountains, hills, sea, rivers, lakes and volcanoes: Sicily has everything that nature has to offer, but not only. In fact, it is also a perfect combination of architecture, art, history and the cultures of different people who over time have inhabited the island and that inevitably affected the whole territory. Think of “Valle dei templi”of Agrigento and the baroque “Cattedrale di Noto” in terms of architecture. To Giovanni Verga ideator of “Verismo” and Luigi Pirandello ideator of “umorismo”, two giants of italian literature.

The capital of this wonderful Region could only be Palermo, a city where the meeting of different peoples, created a unique and inimitable mix. Not surprisingly, the city was elected “Capital of the Italian culture 2018”.


Palermo is the expression of cultureslegends dominations of the past: five to be exact. Walking trough the loggias and the streets of Palermo is like traveling through time. It makes you relieve that complex of emotions and knowledge passed down generation to generation by its hinabitants.

What visit in Palermo?

One of the most characteristic celebration in the city is the one that takes place on the evening of July 14: the celebration of Santa Rosalia: the patron saint who is said to saved the city from plaque to which is dedicated the Palermo Cathedral (see the photo above).

Palermo should be visited in every inch of its, but some things are absolutely not to lose. Starting from the “Palazzo Reale” (or“deiNormanni”), the oldest Royal residence of Europe, once home to the Spanish Viceroys, a UNESCO world heritage site. Inside of it, Roger II, built a magnificent chapel, the  Cappella Palatina, a truly unique place. The“Cappella Palatina” is the result of a vision of peace and brotherhood, synthesis of the union of 3 religious cults: Islamic, Christian e Byzantine.

Guy de Maupassant, during his visit to Palermo in 1885, defined it:

«“The most beautiful church in the world, the most amazing religious jewel dreamed up by human thought.”»

Another stop not to miss, is definitely “Teatro Massimo”: Italy largest opera house. According to legend, has a mysterious history. When it was built the “Stimmate Church”  and the convent annex wereshot down. It is said that the First Superior Mother of the convent, the “monachella”, wander still among the halls of the theater and someone has seen the shadow of her. Opened at the end of 19th century, it has a neoclassical style and perfect acoustic.

Folklore in Palermo

Among the most distinctive shows, there’s a curious one: the “opera dei pupi”. A play depicting the “Furious Orlando” and others of the Carolingian period, trough Sicilian puppets called “pupi”, which date back to the 19th century  and from 2008 it are Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Folklore lovers should visit Ballarò: the oldest historical market of Palermo. It is a fruit and vegetable market, but it is also the headquarter of the street food in Palermo: “panelle” (chickpea pancakes), “panica’ muesa  (padded sandwitch with bits of spleen), the famous Sicilian “cannoli” and more.

The market is not just a destination for foodies fans, but also for who want to have fun and do late, in fact the market remains open until late at night, real fulcrum of the Palermitan movida.


palermo beach

If in addition to the wonders of the city centre you have in an interest in visiting and relaxing on a beautiful beach the wonderfulMondello beaches are in your case: one of the most coveted coasts in Sicily, for its many Liberty-style villas, the best expressions of Art Noveau in Italy.

Where to eat and buy best quality food?

The Sicilian cousine is recognized by the whole world as one of the best ever. Among the eateries of Palermo deserves a special mention Pizzo&Pizzo.

Palermo intern Pizzo e Pizzo

The Restaurant is located in a very strategic area, right next to the famous “Politeama Theater”, home of the Sicilian symphony orchestra, more precisely in Via XII Gennaio. Pizzo&Pizzo is among the restaurant that we could define made of another pasta. It has a history of quality, exclusivity tradition and taste. Inside the Restaurant elegant wooden interiors reinterpret a rustic style in a modern key, but the revisiting of tradition doesn’t stop at the furniture.Also the gastronomic one. An example? Here are the dishes of the chef Gaetano, that cares about the quality of raw materials, chose pasta Filotea for his creations.

Our Linguine with red Mazara schrimp and Nebrodi summer black truffle.

Alternatively, you could enjoy our fabulous Paccheri with pesto sauce (Michelin starred), tomato and freshly caught shrimp.

Palermo Pizzo e Pizzo

After delicious lunch or exquisite dinner, do you want to bring some of this flavor and scents at home? From Pizzo e Pizzo, you can also buy the fantastic products they use in their kitchen, including could not miss Filoteathe best egg pasta in the world.

Now, you just have to book your holiday in Palermo, the real jewel of Sicily to be included to your list of places to visit. Once there, a passage from “Pizzo e Pizzo”, it’s a must!

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