Our egg pasta comes from the rediscovery of ancient Marche recipe and from the passion for traditions, among which we point out making the dough at home for Sunday lunch.
The same feelings pushed us to arrange for a number of events focused on habits and practices that have marked the history of our grandparents and that, by now, have been lost in our recent and stressful days.
There will be four happenings, four Fridays in October, while we will try to bring to enlightening manners that every Italian family retains in his memory.

Workshop Come Una Volta

We will begin on October 3rd with Franco Castellani from Opera Nova Marca, who will introduce us into the wild herbs and how to recognize them, find them, and seize them.
On October 10th it will be the turn of Simonetta – the “sfoglina, who will bring us into the world of pastry with egg, sharing with us the pleasure and excitement of making pasta at home on Sunday, helping us to choose the best flour and eggs.
On October 17th, Maria Di Palma from the blog “La Caccavella will introduce us into the world of “Mother Pasta”, explaining us handle it to make bread and pizza at home and telling us its properties and benefits.
Finally, on October 24th , Gaia Segattini alias Vendetta Uncinetta will teach us the Finger Knitting, the art of making the mesh only with your fingers to create necklaces, scarf and accessories.
Please let us know your comments and inquiries about the traditions that keep in your memories, and we’ll try to arrange for other happenings .