When I studied Economics at University, in our first lessons we had been discussing – for a long time – about the profile of an entrepreneur. Frankly, I do not remember the technical profile. However, in recent years, I have learned such effective, real and substantial profile.
Entrepreneur is the person who makes things happen, with initiative, who wishes to making something that was not there before. Who is eager to succeed and, as Americans say, “make things happen”.
Entrepreneur is neither better nor worse than others, but, for sure, is person who dares. Try to make its life and other lives better, takes responsibility, gets involved, do not accept welfare, fights scroungers.

It is not a final profile, but accurate that we try to make true in Filotea.


Furgone Filotea per consegneserif;”>Filotea is an Italian company. Italy where complaining is a must , mainly against “outside”. Our country is  the dirtiest, the messiest, the most unfair. People (which?) living in Italy are sly, do not care about public affairs, evade taxes, are absentees. Not as German people – who always know how make things! Not as English people – who are fearless! Don not forget Swiss, Swedish and Australian people!

Forget all those artworks in our country (apparently made by Germans), forget food (made by the Swedes) and even fashion (Australians?) and cars (South Africanans?). Above all, forget all those small businesses that export and are appreciated worldwide, but in Italy. They are all  tax evaders, absentees  who drive all day long elegant BMWs along with prostitutes, taking advantages of the poor workers who work so hard just to let such “torturers” have an amazing life.

Filotea, stabilimento Ancona

And if one of them becomes rich is – for sure – due to tax evasion. Or, at least, due to its connections; loser xenophile approach.
So here we are to the point: being an entrepreneur means to be people who wish to get involved to pursue their dreams? Or means to act as sly or tax evaders?

What do you think about?