Pots, pans and baking dishes: is it about the time for a revolution?

The last years crisis has led many people to think about how and what save, involving also our cooking . Food consumption is decreased and new ways of cooking have been testing, to reduce energy consumption and save money on utility bills. From the re-use of the “leftovers”, we have several ideas to achieve great results, one of them make me really curious: cooking with a dishwasher.

I guess your reaction: your left eyebrow lifts up showing your doubts, but this idea is already working.
Altroconsumo, which tested 30 models of dishwashers, dish hand-washing under running water will consume about 60 liters of water; 20 liters if you use a basin or closing the sink, 16 liters operating an eco-program A class-dishwasher . Should we consider that we use hot water for dish washing , it is clear that energy savings will be directly linked to the water used decresed.

For afullsaving, we should only use the dishwasher fully loaded, at low temperature, operating vegetable and 100% biodegradable detergent.In this context ecocooking in dishwashertakes place. In which way?
The steam developing in the washing process is similar to the one developing in the cooking process; therefore, as in this abovementioned mode, cooking in the dishwasher allows you to preserve the food nutritional values. Depending on the chosen washing mode, you may cook at low, medium or high temperature, although it is recommended cooking foods that do not require high temperatures and long cooking times (eg fatty meats). Do not try to cook pasta or rice. However, should your food needs a longer cooking time, you can use that method as a pre-cooked phase andthen finish it in the pan.

When you cook in the dishwasher you need to close your food in glass jars or in vacuum bags, placing anything in the basket so that they cannot move into the dishwasher. We also recommend vegetable detergent. From saving point of view, remember to reuse jars and bags: just rinse well and dry them up to have them as new.
Around ecocooking- dishwasher a group of fan is being born; that group is getting so large that many recipes, about that, have been released along with several books(
Cooking in the dishwasher written by Lisa Casati
is one of these).

I am not sure whether such innovation will ever beat my love for traditional cooking. I love cutting vegetables, making sauces, making use of thousand spices and changing every day. I love getting my hands dirty when I make the egg pastaand the smell of cooked food that, by itself, call the whole family, friends and guests at the table . It is almost sure that searching alternative cooking methods, paying attention to energy consumption and pollution, will be a great mission. So it is not said that I will not have courage to make an attempt. First, though, I should buy my dishwasher!

What do you think about it? Were you already aware of such cooking method?