One of the features of Egg Pasta Filotea is that the dough used to make the pastry is made only with flour and eggs. Our master pasta maker, accordingly, puts some flour every day, that gives our product that smell and taste of homemade pasta. And the flour we chose for our pastry is Molino Bianchi’s of Osimo, near Ancona, a few kilometers away from our factory. That factory was born in 1840’s, when the mills were powered by a water stream.

Molino Bianchi Osimo

A “00” flour made only with high quality italian wheat, produced through natural processes, without any additive or preservative. A product with a low ash content, a critical issue to keep the typical golden-yellow color of the pasta unchanged.

Thanks to Molino Bianchi we can state that the flour used to make our pasta does not contain anything but wheat.

What do you think about that? Any question?