Summer has finally exploded. Some have already begun to enjoy their well-deserved holidays, others will do so in the coming days. There are those who prefer the sea, lying lazily on a sun bed getting tanned or having fun playing beach badminton. Others will go to the mountain, in search of cooler weather or for regenerating and introspective walks in the woods. Others still, will take the opportunity to explore more or less exotic destinations across national borders.

la squadra del pastificio Filotea

We at Filotea have started packing. Because it’s essential to detach from work so as to continue giving our best in our individual tasks. Distracting ourselves from everyday life helps us to rediscover ourselves and allows us to regain the ability to look at things from a different angle. A lateral view which often enables us to find new ideas which are then developed in our company.

But first we must recharge our internal batteries, by going off to discover new places and towns, culinary traditions still unknown to us that will inspire the cuisine of our Pasta Experience Store. We’ll meet new people and make new friends, we’ll read or reread books, listen to music and let ourselves be lulled by the waves and by the flow of a river.

We’re about to leave, but don’t worry: we’ll be back soon!

Happy holidays to everybody from the Filotea family.