Filotea is a Catholic company.
We are neither better nor worse than other ones, just try to make things by Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ.
Will be bad? Disrespectful? Insulting? And first of all, is it a contagious disease?

Filotea, la pasta all'uovo fatta con amore di Dio

We live in a world where respect is due to everybody, from the Muslims to gays, from the various ethnic minorities to the associations of any kind. And it is right and proper. But when we plead Catholic, often something strange happens, as if it were the only “status” that does not deserve respect. Many, many people – every day – advise us against saying that. Why? It is clear: someone might not like. Countries (Italy?) and people may not like, feel offended. Do not buy our Pasta – what a shame! If – for such reason – someone does not want to buy it, we will deal with it.

I am saying that since the first day: Filotea is not for everyone, it never was, never will be. We cannot give up and distort our being Catholic to please (indulge?) someone and, accordingly, sell one more pallet.
In a marketplace where we have Kosher certification (Jews) and Halal certification (Arab World), where it is very easy to declare “the gay Pasta”, we point out Catholic Pasta.

Is that uncorrect in your opinion? We should change our attitude? What do you think about it?