The heat and summer are almost upon us. Some people prefer to spend their weekends at the seaside, some in the mountains. Today we offer you an alternative solution that will satisfy everyone, but everyone: a trip to the lake!

Cannobio Lago Maggiore

Today we talk about a town on the Lake Maggiore: Cannobio.
It is located a few kilometers from the border with Switzerland and is a characteristic Italian village that only a few people are lucky enough to know.
Cannobio is awarded a double award, in fact it is both an Orange and a Blue Flag. The first awarded by the Italian Touring Club as a prize for the quality of its tourist offer and the second given by the FEE for the cleaning of lake waters and for quality of bathing services.

What visit in Cannobio

The lakefront of Cannobio is one of the most beautiful walks on Lake Maggiore. You will be immersed in an enchanting atmosphere created by the play of lights on the water and the mountains as a backdrop and much more. Starting from the southern part it is possible to admire a statue of a lion, commemorating the victory against the Austrians. Then continue towards an inlet with the picturesque fishermen’s houses, up to the main vital center of the town, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III. Here, ancient polychrome buildings depict the mirror of water with their reflections, creating a breathtaking spectacle and shops and clubs among the arcades, enliven this splendid setting.
Going back up Via Giovanola you’ll meet a palace called “Palazzo della Ragione” (XVIII century), the Church of San Vittore (XVII century) and the ancient Sanctuary of the Santissima Pietà, where in 1522 the miracle of the “Sacra Costa” took place. Every year between 7th and 8th of January there is the Feast of the “Santissima Pietà”, also known as the Feast of the Luminieri, in fact for the occasion the lakefront is filled with lights and candles placed along the streets and on the boats moored in port or stationary offshore, while as a tradition restaurants serve bean soups and luganighe sausages.

Relax or Sport?

Cannobio has not only has a splendid walk on the lake to offer, in fact it is also known for the Lido. A large, well-equipped beach, where numerous swimmers come every year to enjoy the splendid atmosphere of the lake and for the more athletic, it is possible to have fun with other activities such as sailing and diving, but not only. For those who do not like water and prefer going for walks and relaxing in the countryside, Cannobio offers numerous trekking routes. Do not miss the spectacular canyon of the Orrido of S. Anna (picture below), formed by the erosive action of the waters of the Cannobino stream.

Cannobio Canyon

Where to eat and buy best quality food?

Whether you opt for a walk along the lake visiting the town or choosing relaxation and water sports on the Lido or the trekking trail to discover the suggestive canyon, at some point it is time to eat.

Among the restaurants in Cannobio and surroundings, where you can enjoy local and non-local delicacies, we recommend the restaurant “Grotto al Mater“.


Immersed in the relaxing, flowery and rejuvenating atmosphere of the Cannobina Valley, you can enjoy a cuisine based on traditions and innovation, thanks to the inspiration of the chef, that always invents new dishes.

Chef Giovanni paying attention to the quality of the ingredients he uses in the kitchen, has chosen some of our pasta to make his delicious dishes. In the photos you can admire one of his latest creations that has having great success, meeting the tastes of many of his customers: Squid Ink Chitarra, dressed with anchovy sauce red and green jalapenos and fresh local ricotta.

Alternatively you can taste our Paccheri with onions, anchovies, taggiasche olives, capers, toasted pine nuts and fresh tomatoes (photo below).


Before going home, you would like to take with you some good local food?

Try to visit “Alimentari Aguiari”. You will find special quality food and among them of course our pasta!

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