Among our fans we found out a real curious character. A modern woman, but not those from the magazine. Somewhat, we could qualify her as a urban woman who never gives up and always moves forward with her  initiative and her humor.
Here is how Barbaraloves talking about herself.

First of all, I am not a sport girl. I mean I am not a sport girl in a common way, because my discipline has not yet been recognized. No one is in the Olympics, and there isn’t any world championship, not even a tiny little tournament dedicated to my discipline. Indeed, it is performed by millions and millions of women every day under strict rules, relevant timing and results.

I am a momthon. No, not a marathon runner, you read that right: I am a momthon. That is, a working mom, who takes care of the house, of the cooking, of his loved ones, of herself, of her friends, goes shopping, laundries and tales care of all those stuff. All day long, before falling asleep.
My routine begins every morning at 6.15. Breakfast, the most relaxing period of the day, and let’s start: exercises for house arrangement, day management for the day out of the house, motivation session to the three years old guy who does not always like to go to kindergarten, hug abundance to him and to Dad, general warm-up and away from home.. Just walking, because there are a plenty of cars on the road; then legs and public transport. Spend all day long away from home, mostly out of town and, accordingly, trains, rushes, mishappenings, more work, blahbla, lethal air conditioning stream, new ideas for the posts of my little blog candied thoughtsthat talks about me, women become mums in their 40’s and, you know, face anything more relaxing. But sometimes my verve falls down.

My days are like that since my kid was born. In the past, I “rested” more and I did not practice any sport, just a few kms biking, which now it seems to me a very relaxing stuff. Since he was born, food issue is more relevant. That’s because I need energy at the right time.
Because I am getting older. Because you need to find a good balance and keep healthy.

So I studied, first of all, myself and my relationship with food. So I studied, first of all, myself and my relationship with food. That was bad, awful relationship, too much proteins, unbalanced, whereas I put passion (I love both cooking and eating) and food gave me back too many kilos, tiredness, headaches . Should I go ahead like that? So I decided to become vegan. For health reasons, first of all, but also to “. For health reasons, first of all, but also to “””. Keep calm mothers skeptical: I became vegan, my son not. He loves fish, fruit, dislikes vegetables like every child and has a real passion for sorbets.

Choosing a vegan diet was the best thing I could do for myself. I immediately felt better, with more energy, clear minded and smarty. I am not sure whether it could be fine for everyone; many studies say yes, but, for sure, it fits for myself. Actually I feel comfortable with food and find our again the pleasure of eating, mainly pasta. In the past, as I believed that pasta made myself fatter, I avoided it. And I felt sad because pasta and I were joined in a forbidden love, complicated, languid and distant. Since I am vegan, I understood pasta is an important food that allows body to work well and humor to feel better. Do not ask me why, but I am not getting fat when I eat more pasta; it seems my dream become true.

It is crucial that Pasta is excellent, such as Filotea Pasta. As vegan I select their non-egg pasta line, of course! That durum wheat Pasta is porous, good texture and bronze drawn; definitively outstanding!Taste it with a ragu sauce of seasonal vegetables and then tell me back.
I usually have pasta in the evening, but not every day, eh!! just because it is better to vary my diet. I know pasta should be eaten at lunch, I am told. But just at dinnertime we are all together, and a great dinner at home is one of the best way to say “I love you” after a whole day of travel.

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