So, what does it mean to believe in Filotea? You need to make a jump in the recent past.

When Francesco and myself established Filotea, our purpose was to make the best pasta in the world and sell it worldwide.

The idea of carrying on the German, American, even Australia table an authentic product, genuine, healthy and good as the one just made by our grandma’, that made us excited.

Distribuzione Filotea nel mondo

In 2005, at the beginning, we were made fun of it, someone still now. 1250 euro, a very old van from 1,000 Euros and a basement to make pasta, made our goal, at least, demanding.

But we had the real ambition and were not afraid of anything. Nor knocking to the bakery close to our home neither to the largest importer in London; nor leaving with suitcases full of pasta neither closing international selling agreements.

We were pirates, “food pioneers”, able to propose pasta that priced five times more to someone who still considered it like a commodity.

This was and is the ambition that gets us excited. Even today we are not afraid to take a booth at Cibus Food Show without electricity supply and paint it just before the start. Without furniture, but with suitcases full of our beautiful pasta.

And we will not be afraid of opening our store in London – God willing – so cheeky, beyond the rules, against all odds.

Like Pirates.