Our experience in Filotea joins us to many other entrepreneurs: daily events, large and small joys, issues that no one ever talks about. For sure mass medias do not talk about that; such medias tell virtual stories, so far away from the truth.
Accordingly, we will tell you our adventure by entrepreneurs, because we think it is worth.
And doing that you will know us better.

Pietro Giugliarelli

Trust Filotea. What does it mean? Can you trust a company? a project? a dream?
I think so.

In a world that desperately seeks something to trust and to love, among sports teams, ideologies and parties, you have to believe in a group of guys with a dream. A company where live, entrepreneurial projects, dreams, the Christian faith, mistakes of youth, patriotic movements.
An experience shared by many in Italy.

rust Filotea means believing in the small Italian firms, those wonderful little communities who live an amazing experience and make our country better.

What do you think about that? Do you think is it worth to trust Filotea? And the small Italian firms?