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Special Line

  1. Fettuccine Senatore Cappelli

    Durum wheat semolina with a low content of gluten, but rich in minerals and vitamins. Ideal with meat sauces. COOKING TIME: 4 MINUTES
  2. Truffle Fettuccine

    Fettuccine with small pieces of fine black truffle. Excellent with wild mushrooms. COOKING TIME 5 MINUTES
  3. Lasagne

    Typical lasagne sheets, they can be boiled or not boiled. COOKING TIME 2 MINUTES
  4. Chilli Pepper Fettuccine

    Made with the Habanero pepper, they go very well with spicy sauces or the classic arrabbiata. COOKING TIME 4 MINUTES
  5. Lemon Fettuccine

    Made with a juice of lemons from Taormina, Sicily. They are perfect with a shellfish white sauce or with a cream, ham and peas sauce. COOKING TIME 4 MINUTES
  6. Spinach Fettuccine

    Fettuccine with spinach in the dough. Delicious with vegetables sauces. COOKING TIME 4 MINUTES
  7. Squid Ink Chitarra

    Spaghetti alla Chitarra made with squid ink in the dough. Very impressive and with a delicate taste. Ideal for cuttlefish sauces. COOKING TIME 3 MINUTES
  8. Garlic & Parsley Linguine

    Linguine with small pieces of garlic and parsley in the dough. Excellent with smoked fish sauces, for example salmon. COOKING TIME 3 MINUTES