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About Us

Filotea is an artisan company established in 2005 in the Marche region, following the dream of producing the pasta as once homemade by the grandmothers, using genuine ingredients and with passion.

Inspired by  the thousand-year-old tradition of producing egg pasta and following the ancient local recipe, Filotea finds its vocation in the search for authentic taste. Every step of the production process is accurate and careful: from the selection of the best raw materials to the slow and patient drying phase; from the preparation of the dough to the packaging.

As in the production of homemade pasta on Sundays, only the best ingredients are selected and used: fresh free-range eggs, 100% Italian durum wheat semolina and soft wheat flour.

The patient craftsmanship is essential to obtain a unique product of its kind, both for the extraordinary characteristics of lightness and digestibility and for the high ability to absorb the sauces, properties that make our pasta capable of enhancing any type of preparation.
Filotea is a young entrepreneurial reality that markets its products in over  40 countries worldwide. We are located in Via Primo Maggio, 56 in Ancona.

Tel +39 071 201070
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