Building a strong relationship with whoever knows us, is one of our most important commitment.

Most of you (or maybe all of you) already know thatwe are based in the heart of Italy, in the Marche region,a green land with a strong wine and food tradition and a very suggestive land from the tourist point of view. Our site overlooks on the gorgeous Conero .However, today, we would like to talk about our company.
As soon as you get into our factory you are immediately involved in an amazing atmosphere like the Willy Wonka one: the machinery’s noise, alongside the workers take care of our traditional manufacturing process,mix up with the fragrant flavour of our ingredients: the eggs, the flour and in some days you even smell the intense truffle’s aroma.It is like waking up on Sunday morning and, suddenly, being in your grandmother’s kitchen while she is making egg pasta, as tradition requires.

The only difference with the “Chocolate Factory” is that at Filotea Jonny Depp is replaced by , our master pasta maker that has a lot to tell us.

F.:”Matteo, could you tell us which are the secrets of the homemade Filotea egg pasta?”

M.:”It comes from an ancient recipe of Marche, the result of a selected blend of flour, durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs.”

F.:”Why should I prefer Filotea pasta to a regular egg pasta?”

M.:”Because it has the same flavor of a fresh homemade pasta!”

Matteo is really excited and he keeps telling us his experience.

“The Pasta has a rough texture that gives it a unique feature: adhering the sauce. Moreover, its freshness makes it unique, thanks to a one day low drying room temperature. The entire production process it was designed to keep the pasta organoleptic qualities and its taste genuine and at higher level”
The dough is ready and Matteo must leave us: did you want to ask him more?