Is participation in trade fairs still as important as it used to be?

Technological innovation could make people think that trade fairs, like SIAL, have less and less weight in the activity of a company. In fact, today it is possible to make yourself known to potential customers and maintain relationships with them through the website and the various social networks. The same could be said for the relationships that a company has daily with partners, suppliers and competitors.

So why do companies continue to invest time and money to participate in these events? The answer is that, fortunately, knowing each other personally, shaking hands, observing body language, has still value in business.

Why the SIAL in Paris?

The SIAL in Paris is among the most important exhibition of our sector and we certainly could not miss it. The foreign market is very important for us, in fact we export to over 40 countries worldwide. It is an unmissable opportunity to meet, get to know each other and discover the secrets of our pasta. Because Filotea is not an ordinary egg pasta. It is produced with only Italian raw materials, kneaded every day, thanks to our master pasta maker that mixes semolina, flour and fresh eggs with skill, in compliance with the Marche tradition. It is bronze extruded and dried slowly and, finally, tasted by the best palates in the world, yours.

To find out more, come and visit us at our booth 1 F 159


SIAL uova

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