The walk on the mounts of Marche region had been so hard e weary, but they were satisfied and suprised by the wonderful nature around the Sibilla. It was hot and the two friends were looking at the photos taken, under the veranda of a refuge surrounded by greenery. In the meanwhile the waitress, a nice blond girl, had received them like they would have been at home and then they ordered a plate of pappardelle with ragù and a glass of local red wine.


After a toast to friendship, they gave the first bite: the tastes and the smells of the pasta let them travel back in time, when they were still children and they used to watch their grandmothers kneeding flour and eggs with great skills on the wooden board. The speed and the frequency of the movements of the rolling pin to spread the pastry. The precise cut and the long pappardelle collected like a skein. A simple look between them it was enough to understand they were thinking the same thing.

The rediscovery of tradition

They finished to eat without talking anymore. The waitress with an old woman went out from the kitchen and came towards them. She asked them if they had enjoyed the lunch, she seemed worried about it. Suddendly the two friends instead of answering to her, started to ask her a plenty of questions about the secrets of that fantastic pasta, which flour and eggs she had used and how she achieved to give her pasta a so great porosity and roughness. All these question just to say her that her pasta was simply a tidbit! The grandma smiled and like she was talking to her nephews, told them about when she was a child and spent all the Sundays learning by her parents how to spread the pastry and discovering the secrets of her mother, emulating everytime the same gestures, like a religion.

walk on the mounts of Marche

The Idea

Once they turned back to everyday life, the two friends could not stop thinking to their walk on the mounts of Marche region and to the deep emotions they felt eating that special plate of pappardelle.

Why a so delicious pasta should be only for fews and not for all? Why not bring a pasta like this on every table in the world?

Filotea means all this: love and passion for pasta, respect for tradition, no-stop research for quality and the chose of the best raw materials. All this makes us “fatti di un’altra pasta” (made by a different pasta).

a walk on the mounts of Marche region

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